Tuesday, February 13, 2001

I am SO mad. I just got off the phone with my friend Lacee. She told me some stuff that this one dude said about me. On top of that, I was already mad at him! Oh well...
I'm sick today. I have been for the last 4 days....oh well. I shouldn't have even been in school for that long yesterday. I'm such an idiot. Now I probally gave what I have to somebody. It's about 11:15 a.m and I'm watching videos on MTV. VIDEOS?!?? ON MTV? Yep. They play them in the morning. It's like....really, really boring because everyone is in school and I have no one to talk to :( Some girl named Ashley is on though. I think she's from Poyen, but she doesn't like me for some reason....I guess cuz I'm mean to her. Well...anyway, I'm really mad at this one dude but I'm not gonna say anything else about that because I'm gonna take care of that later. I am REALLY worried about what I made on my 3 week progress report. I haven't been at school to pick it up yet, but my dad might do that for me....what if I make like...an F and he sees it before me?!?! Ouch. Well, I'm trying to find a layout for my site..did ya'll know my BIGDUMBFUNSHOW club got deleted? I'm SOOO mad about it. We had alot of members. Check out my main site: http://www.expage.com/christypilgrim
Well....thats it for now.